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An Astounding,

Unique Grounds Attraction and Historic Demonstration for your Fair or Festival!



Roger Abrahamson is a unique professional demonstrating craftsman and teacher. He performs wooden bowl turning on a human powered spring pole lathe, a lost art dating back thousands of years.

Roger is a highly skilled artist and tradesman. He is also an engaging, natural demonstrator who enjoys educating an audience about wood and the nature of work and  craft. His presentation is a continuous demonstration of how woodworking was done before machines and factories. Rather than being retail focused, this is a working shop producing product while observers are mesmerized by the motion of the lathe and the skill of the operator. Stepping into the space, people are entering into a quieter, simpler world, surrounded by the smells of fresh wood, beeswax and pine tar.

Bowl turning as a trade dates back to well before the Viking Age (700-1000 AD). Early bowl turners used spring pole lathes to produce commonly used domestic “treenware”.



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Perfect for heritage areas, forestry exhibits and agricultural displays!